Jan. 24th, 2013

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Title: La haute société Marseille
Author: consumedly
Beta: darklight90
Fandom: BtVS
Angelus/William, William/OC
Rating: NC17
m/m slash, PWP
The french always knew how to have fun.
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Feedback: Yes, please!
339 - Split @ slash the drabble but since its 455 words ...
A/N: This should have been written for Spanked Spike ficathon last Spring and  over 1 000 words, definitely kinkier, so much more detailed but since I couldn’t write it then it got stuck in my head until I read the split prompt and bam here it is in all it’s ficlet glory (: Maybe one day I’ll make a fiction out of it, who knows… ::headshake:: Oh and also Italic is for Spike's thoughts...


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